Is a Loft Conversion Worth It in 2021?

Every passing day, we require more and more space. And there are many ways to do that, such as a house extension or a loft conversion. The roof spaces in our homes are handy but usually go unused or are used as storage spaces. But they could be so much more. Below are the benefits of a loft conversion that will make you want to hire us immediately.


The net space in your house can be increased by up to 20% after a loft conversion. This can lead to a sharp increase in house value, especially if you live somewhere where house prices are high.

A loft conversion is also interesting because it takes the dead space in a room and turns it into useful space that can be used for many purposes. And the cost to convert that space into a loft will be considerably less than what it would take to conventionally extend it. 

4 Types of Loft Conversions

Roof Light: This is the most basic kind of loft conversion that is done to make the room habitable. Skylights are used to illuminate the room, the flooring is redone if there’s the need, and a staircase is connected.

Dormer: This is the most popular kind of loft conversion where basically a flat box kind of extension is done protruding from the side of the sloping roof. This can be done for any house with a sloping roof. The main purpose of this conversion is to extend the headspace, the floor space and make the area less suffocating.

Hip-to-gable: This is a conversion that resembles the dormer conversion, but it works but extending one side of the sloping roof into a full 90-degree angle to create a vertical ‘gable’ wall.

Mansard: Imagine a dormer conversion but extending the entire length of the roof. That is a Mansard conversion.

Things to Consider Before a Loft Conversion


The costing will depend on many factors, such as the size of your house, the size of the roof, and the age of the house. The cost will also depend on how much the roof has to be raised. 

If the roof is already high enough, then the costs will not be too high. But if the height of the roof is required to be raised by a lot, then you will face extra costing.

It will also depend upon the strength of the floor joists. The extra weight of the new structure needs to be accommodated by the joists, or it wont work.

There also needs to be enough room on the floor below to install a proper staircase from the loft to ensure it complies with Building Regulations for protection and escape.

Consult us at Bohunone, and we will accordingly inform you about the costs and how to comply with Building Regulations. 


A loft conversion will provide you with extra habitable space, but it won’t be storage space anymore, which is something you need to consider. And during the conversion process, you will need to take out all the stuff that you had stored in there and move it somewhere else. At least temporarily. 

A conversion is also quite a disruptive process and will need to be prepared for. You will have to bear all the noises, interruptions and ongoing during the conversion process. Usually, a loft conversion takes six to eight weeks to be done. But that isn’t a confirmed figure, as there are always other factors such as flooring, decoration, finishing, polishing and more. 


Loft conversions can be a great thing once done. But they are also a long and extensive process. This is why you will need someone to do it for you. We at Bohunone offer Loft Conversion in Hatfield and many more areas. So, if you are interested, contact us now! 

Alternatively, we offer services such as construction and renovation services. So, if you are thinking about transforming your home in any way, We are here to guide you through the entire process.

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