How To Setup Tplink Deco Mesh System Without App In Quick Way?

The Tplink Deco Mesh System is the latest 802.11ac wireless standard access point. It offers a high-speed internet connection in the whole home. The whole-home network converge is more & superior. The mesh network completely works with the deco wifi system that delivers the wireless range in the entire home. This deco system is completely better & good than the traditional router as well as an access point. Because the network connectivity is more than the existing device. Moreover, the Tplink Deco Mesh system comes along with three mesh units that offer ultimate wireless coverage. These three units completely cover 5,500 square feet of coverage area. Besides, this unit thoroughly kills the dead zone & removes the interrupted network connectivity. 

Furthermore, the tp-link deco WiFi system completely offers a seamless & stable wireless range. The operating temperature is 0℃~40℃. The deco unit enables you to enjoy seamless roaming in the entire home. To improve the Wi-Fi coverage, you have performed the setup. The tp link deco app allows you to perform the wireless setup. After performing the setup, the network range absolutely amplifies in the entire home. 

What is important to perform the Tplink Deco Mesh System setup? 

The tp-link wireless mesh system is a completely better networking device for the entire home. Because the network connectivity reaches in all corners of the home. The gigabit Ethernet port is built-in in the mesh system. Through this port, the wired device easily & effortlessly makes the wired connection. With the wireless range of the mesh system, 100 host networks easily & completely access the network.

If you wish to connect your device to the access in a long time, then you have to perform the setup. The setup is the most important factory to improve the WiFi coverage. If you don’t perform the setup then the network coverage does not improve. You can simply perform the mesh system setup by using the deco app. Additionally, you can also perform the setup by using login default ip.

Tplink Deco Mesh System setup issues

The Tplink Deco Mesh System delivers a superior & high-range wireless network. The parental control feature is absolutely built-in in this system that is usually more beneficial for the parents. But sometimes, the setup issue causes the user to not be able to access a high-speed network. Here are some issues due to the setup issue coming & the user cannot be able to perform the setup. 

  • Network connectivity issue
  • Not using correct default login ip
  • Deco unit power does not turn on
  • Login page is not accessible 

Tplink Deco Mesh System setup Without App

The deco app is specially designed to perform the wireless setup in a quick manner. If you wish to perform the deco system setup without using the app, then you can simply perform it with the default login ip. This is the perfect way to set up the deco system without the app.

Connect the deco to the power source

To perform the setup of the deco system, you have to switch ON the power. To switch ON the power, you use a power cord as well as an AC power adapter. This power adapter is properly plugged into the power supply. Additionally, the remaining part is inserted into the deco unit power connector. In the end, you have to smoothly press the deco power button & completely turn ON the power. 

Install the PC with the deco’s network

To perform the setup with the web interface, you have to install the computer with deco’s unit network. To establish the connection, you have to decide the computer’s device position. You have to place the computer around the deco unit. Then, you use the Ethernet cable. You can carefully plug the Ethernet cable into the deco unit’s Ethernet port. Along with that, another end is plugged into the computer’s Ethernet port. Then verify the connection. If the connection does not establish then you can try again with the same procedure. 

Perform the setup with default login ip 

On the computer device, you have to open the web interface. From you have to directly reach the tp link login page. Under this page, you have to mention the username & password instructions. Then, you have to go to the web management page. On this page, you have many options. Firstly, you have to configure the basic setting. Then, configure the general setting. In this setting configure the network & password. In the end, configure the advanced setting. Under the advanced setting, you have got the restore, factory reset, & firmware upgrade options.

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