What is The Management Interesting Features of Amped High Power Extender?

The Amped High Power Extender is a wireless high-power & signal amplifier range extended device. It completely extends the existing network signals & amplifies the range. You can simply extend the Wi-Fi range of your existing router. The network connectivity completely covers 6,500 sq. ft. area. The high power technology is equipped in the Amped high power extender that absolutely kills the Wi-Fi dead spot. You can simply take the fast & superior Wi-Fi speed for streaming, fast downloading, & gaming.

Every networking device easily connects to the extender. Additionally, the wired Ethernet port is there that is more helpful to make the wired connection. If you wish to extend the Wi-Fi network, then launch the web interface. With the web interface access the web menu scan the Wi-Fi network & select your network, you wish to extend. 

Moreover, the smart security feature is built-in in the amped extender that offers the secure network. The universally compatible feature is there in this device, that allows the extender to work with any device. The high detachable antennas are built-in that completely improve the Wi-Fi network. With the range extender, you can securely enhance the network connectivity of your standard router. 

What are the Management Features of Amped High Power Extender?

The Amped extender works with a high power amplifier. These amplifiers extend the network connectivity. Additionally, the external antennas of the Amped High Power Extender increase the wireless network connectivity. The network connectivity reaches in the penetrate walls as well as hard areas of your residence. The wireless network of this range extender works with the 802.11b/g/n network. This extender device completely repeats the network signals. It covers 6,500 sq ft. network coverage. 

Additionally, this range extender completely supports various management tools. It works with various management features, which are as follows. 

  • System status
  • Extender clock
  • Save & reload setting
  • System logs
  • Statistics 
  • Password settings

How to configure the Management Features of Amped High Power Extender?

To amplify the network & Wi-Fi range of the range extender device, you have to configure the range extender. Configuring network settings is very important for range extender devices. If you do not configure these settings, the Wi-Fi range does not increase. But to configure the extender’s setting, you have to visit the setup wizard. Then, from the setup.ampedwireless.com wizard you can easily redirect the setup wizard. By reaching the setup wizard, you are able to configure the management features. 

Range extender status 

The range extender status offers you a snapshot of your Range Extender’s current connections and settings. You have to reach in the management option, & select the device status option. Under the device status, you have to see the system information. In the system information, you can know the firmware version built time of the firmware. Furthermore, the Current Date / Time is the setting for the system clock. 

Next is the home network wireless setting, it displays the current status of the connection between the extender apparatus & your home network. In the section you completely view the range extender status in the proper manner. This is the best way to check the device status in a minute. 

Management statistics setting 

The management statistics show the data activity for each network connection. In this page, the host network, Extended Wi-Fi network, extended wired network is displayed. In the home network connection field show the data activity for all upload & download data between the host network & extender network. In the extended Wi-Fi network field, show the data activity for all users connected wireless to the range extender. 

Besides, in the wired network field, it shows the data activity for all users physically connected to the extender’s wired port that is here on the bottom side. 

System clock of the range extender 

In the system clock setting after logging off the Amped High Power Extender. This clock setting completely maintains the internal clock for the Amped extender device by syncing with your PC’s time. This clock setting needs to be accurate in order for logs & WiFi access schedules to work correctly. 

Save & reload setting of Amped extender 

The save & reload setting is necessary for the Amped High Power Extender device. Saving your current settings enables you to back-up your existing settings which may be reloaded at a later time. This feature may be more beneficial for testing new features and settings without having to worry about returning to a stable platform. To save the current setting, you have to click the save option. Then, choose a file name & location. 

To load the previous setting, you have to click the browser. Now, you have to find the previously saved setting file. To restore the setting, you have to click the upload button to the saved file. Now, this setting is properly configured. 

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