Multi Head Split Systems in Melbourne

Multi Head Split Systems in Melbourne

When Melbourne’s heat is getting a bit too much, it’s nice to be able to retreat back to the cool climate of your home. Multi head split systems, also known as ‘multi split air conditioners’, are an ideal, cost effective way of doing just that. They allow you to have numerous air conditioning units set up throughout the house, drawing on the power from one unit set up outside.

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WeatherWorld has been installing multi head split system air conditioners for more than 30 years. We pride ourselves on offering the best products available on the market, as well as being able to provide exclusive offers thanks to our accreditation as a Seeley Climate Master.

Our range is one of the biggest in Melbourne, with multi head split systems from the following leading brands: Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu, Panasonic, LG, Samsung, Toshiba, Carrier, and Lennox.

For more information, including our 7 year manufacturer warranties, contact WeatherWorld today. We can provide a quote within 24-48 business hours, or expert advice on how you can make sure your Melbourne home stays cool all summer-long.

What is a multi head split system air conditioner?

It’s likely that you’ve seen a split system air conditioner before. As the name suggests, the unit is split into two; one half is positioned on the outside of the property, and the other half goes inside the home and makes sure you’re keeping cool. With a multi head system, multiple units can be set up throughout the house using just the one outside unit.

There are five types of air conditioning systems that can be set up inside your home:

  • Wall mounted: this unit is the most common, and is mounted at the top of the wall close to the ceiling
  • Bulkhead: for properties with limited wall space or concrete ceilings, this is a space-saving solution
  • Ceiling cassette: similar to a wall mounted unit, except it is fitted into the ceiling and blows cool air down
  • Console: installed on the floor or ceiling, with a powerful airflow that is usually reserved for commercial use
  • Floor standing: for space efficiency, this extremely compact unit is ideal. As the name suggests, it sits on the floor

How do multi-head split systems work?

Multi-Head Split Systems use exactly the same technology as Split Systems, but can cover more areas within your home by having more indoor units linked. The way a Multi-Head Split System works is through positioning the condenser outside your home (one half of the system), and the multiple internal units inside your home, strategically tackling different rooms.

When a multi-head split system is set to cool, warm air within your home is sucked into the fan coil and removed completely, resulting in a circulation of cool air flowing back into your home. When set to reverse cycle, the heat pump is able to operate in reverse which provides warm air circulation on those cold days.

The beauty of a Multi-Head Split System is that it can be set to run in reverse. Reverse cycles assists heat flow, where the system is using the heat pump in reverse and in turn is able to generate heating on those cold days. Multi-Head Split Systems are one of the most effective ways of tackling both your heating and cooling requirements!

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