Canon MG3620 Wireless Setup Not Working? Solve In simple ways!

The Canon Pixma MG3620 is a wireless inkjet technology all-in-one superior printer. It has a special feature as an all-in-one wireless printer. All-in-one means it performs all functions such as print, copy, scanning, & faxing documents. This printer completely offers convenience & simplicity for all your printing needs. After The Canon MG3620 Wireless Setup wireless all-in-one printer completely works with a mobile phone, computer, & laptop device.

Additionally, you can easily connect a wireless router to this printer. The ethernet port is here on this device that allows connecting the router to the printer. You can simply print & scan your essential documents anywhere & anytime. But for this, the Canon MG3620 wireless setup is needed. Without setup, you are not able to remotely print or scan the documents. 

Moreover, the Canon Pixma wireless all-in-one printer is amazingly convenient with various ways to print documents wirelessly. The Canon Print app completely allows you to perform the wireless setup in just a minute. Besides, the Genuine Canon inks of the canon pixma mg3620 wireless printer offer crisp, smudge-resistant professional quality prints for sharing with friends and family. You can easily & simply approach auto 2-sided printing documents from this printer. 

Why is Canon MG3620 Wireless Setup necessary?

The canon MG3620 all-in-one printer comes along with different connectivity technology. The USB, WI-Fi, & Ethernet connectivity technology is there in this printer device. Furthermore, the Canon Print App is specially designed for this printer. By using this app, you can easily & securely print the documents remotely. If you want to remotely print and fax your documents with this printer, you will need to set up wireless for that. You cannot print documents remotely without setup.

Thus, to remotely print or fax your essential documents, the wireless setup is necessary. You can easily perform wireless setup with this printer by using the Canon Print App. 

Common Issues: Canon MG3620 Wireless Setup

Sometimes the issue comes, the wireless setup with the MG3620 wireless printer does not perform. If the wireless setup is not working, then you are not able to print the documents remotely. There are some issues due to the wireless setup not working. 

  • Network connection does not connect
  • Using incorrect app
  • Unstable network in your mobile phone
  • Printer does not properly connect to the mobile app

Incredible solutions: Canon MG3620 Wireless Setup Not Working

If the wireless setup is not working with the Canon MG3620 wireless all-in-one printer, then the user faces various issues. Additionally,. Not share your documents to print the document. Here are some methods to properly fix the wireless setup issue. 

Download Canon Print App, Again

Sometimes, the Canon Print app is not working due to you not able to perform the wireless setup. If the wireless setup is not working the net solution is you can uninstall this app that you download on your mobile phone. You can visit the Google Play store in your Android mobile phone, & search the Canon Print App. You can download this app to complete Canon MG3620 Wireless Setup on your mobile phone. Open the app & sign-in the account. To sign-in the account, you have to mention the username & password in the available field. 

Verify the network in your mobile phone

Sometimes, the network connectivity does moty connect to the mobile phone then you do not perform the setup. If the network connectivity is not connected to the mobile phone then the app will not open which will be downloaded and setup is not done. To resolve the setup issue, you have to connect your mobile phone to the network. Additionally, ensure this network is more stable & secure. 

Connect the printer into the app with + icon

Sometimes your printer doesn’t connect properly to the app due to which the wireless setup doesn’t work. So for this, you have to connect the printer to the Canon print app. You can easily connect the printer to the Canon Print App. On the homepage of this app, you will get the add device or + icon. You can tab this icon & select the MG3620 printer model number. Tab the connect option & verify the connection.  Now, your printer completely connects to the app. Thus, this printer is better & wireless setup quickly done than the pantum printer setup.  

Ensure the  Canon MG3620 printer firmware 

Many times, the firmware version of the MG3620 wireless printer is out-of-date due to this printer not working properly. You always have to upgrade the firmware version. With the outdated firmware version, you are not able to perform the wireless setup. With the default login IP of this printer, you can securely upgrade the version. In other words, with the Canon Print App, you can also upgrade the firmware. After that, you can securely perform the wireless setup. 

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