Belkin Booster Extender Not Lighting Up? Here’s simple 5 solutions!

The Belkin is a dual-band range extender & high-power signals amplifier range extender device. It entirely extends the network signal & enhances the network connectivity. The network connectivity is more stronger & booster than the traditional router. The internal antenna is built-in in the Belkin booster extender device that improves the network connectivity. These antennas create powerful network signals & amplify the network range.

The dual-band WiFi network completely speedy the network. The 2.4GHz network allow enjoy the wireless network to enjoy a long range area. Additionally, the 5GHz network enable to enjoy wireless stable, stronger, & more reliable network signals. With the 5GHz network connectivity, you can easily watch 4K videos as well as your favorite shows. 

Moreover, the Belkin dual-band range extender device is completely designed to improve the network connectivity of your standard router. The Ethernet port is also enabled in this apparatus that offers network connection for wired devices. The Crossband technology allows for the simultaneous use of both bands, rather than relying on one radio band to do all the work. This technology maintains the wireless network signal throughout the home. You can simply perform the wireless setup with a ac1200 belkin device, because the WPS button is available on the front panel of the extender. 

Why is there no lighting in the Belkin Booster Extender device?

The Belkin DB range extender device comes along with a status indicator LED light. This LED light delivers the status of the extender device. If the network signal is bad then the LED light status is red. But if the LED light status is orange that means firmware is corrupt. This LED light is more useful for the Belkin Booster Extender device.

But sometimes the issue is caused because there is no light in the range extender device. If there is no lighting then you cannot access the network connectivity. If you wish to access the extender in your device, from belkin.setup you can easily & effortlessly access it. Additionally, no device is connected to the extender with no lighting status. In the given below, there are some problems due to no light in the extender device. 

  • Not properly connect to the power supply
  • Power button status is off
  • Power cord is faulty
  • Power button jamm

Belkin Booster Extender Not Lighting Up: Solutions 

If there is no lighting in the range extender device, then you have to check the cable connection. This issue is very common, so you have to try to resolve this manually. Because the manually issue quickly resolves it. 

Ensure the cable properly plug in Belkin Booster Extender

Sometimes, the power cord that you have to plug into the range extender DC-In port is not properly plugged in. If the power cord is loosely plugged into the extender device, then the power switch of the extender device will turn off the light status. Then, for this issue, you have to properly & entirely verify the power cord. If it is a loose plug then you have to again plug into their port. But if you plug this cable tight, then the light power status will be able to turn on. To turn ON the light status, this is the best solution.  

Clean the DC-IN port

Many times, the dust & particle accumulates on the DC-IN port of the Belkin Booster Extender device. If there is dust on the port then you cannot plug the power cord, and it will not turn on if the cable is not plugged in. To resolve the issue, you have to ensure the DC-IN port of the range extender device. If the dust really accumulates, then you have to utilize a small brush & dry cloth. Afterard, properly clean the DC-In port of this apparatus. 

Relocate the extender into other power supply

Sometimes the power supply in which you have plugged the extender is faulty due to which the lighting comes on. So in such cases you should relocate your extender. You should plug the extender into a power supply that is working well. That is, the power supply that completely receives power and gives power to your extender. In which power supply, the power of your extender device is switched ON. After that, the lighting status also switches ON. 

Restart the dual-band range extender 

To resolve the not lighting up issue, you have to restart the range extender device. To restart the extender, you have to unplug from the power supply. Then, ensure no cable is connected to the extender and then access the belkin.range/setup. if connected then you have to unplug. Now, you have to smoothly press the power button & switch off the apparatus. After some minutes, you can again switch On with their power button.

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