October should be renamed to Spooktober because the vibes and the time would complement the name.

October is a month of Halloween holiday celebrations; even though it is a one-day festival, people celebrate it throughout the month.

Halloween is a traditional Christian festival celebrated on the 31st of October in many countries worldwide; whether people believe in its superficiality or not, it is still a fun thing to participate in.

People dress up, wear coloured eye contacts and funny costumes, eat and drink, go out for tricks and treats and do anything that can help them feel the spirit – literally and figuratively. If you are looking for a to-do for this Halloween, this article is the perfect thing to read. 

Here are ten fun things you can do on your Halloween holiday:

  1. Cook your food: rather than getting a takeaway or food delivery, get into the kitchen and make things yourself. It could be an engaging activity for the whole family. You can bake pies and other sweet things to give as treats; you can prepare an entire meal and have a good food day. To make it fun and exciting, you can also customize and decorate your food and cookies in the Halloween theme; this is an adorable and creative thing to do. 
  1. Go for trick or treat: This is a perfect activity for kids to get a lot of chocolates and treats from the neighbors. You can prepare a cute basket for yourself or any younger family member and go around knocking on the doors. You can gather up a good quantity for yourself for the upcoming weeks and enjoy your sweet tooth, but do not forget to look out for cavities. 
  1. Dress up: Halloween is the perfect occasion to bring out your inner fashion designer into use. You can get as creative as you want with the costumes; there is no limit and nothing odd. You can dress up as cartoon characters, marvels, superheroes, your favorite TV characters, some famous personality, or even a cup of Mac and cheese; it is all about how creative you can get. If you have a significant other, there are numerous options for a couple of costumes that can steal the show or you. 
  1. Go to parties: The whole neighborhood is a party for you; choose where you want to join in. The level of hospitality and welcoming is higher on this day, and you can go to any place with your friends and have fun. 
  1. Family time: If you are tired of going out or not in the mood, staying indoors with your family is not a bad option. You can stay in, watch a horror movie, play a few games, and have a fun time. 
  1. Serve at a community shelter: The spirit of joy and celebrations brings a sense of duty and community to the people. Many needy people rely upon the community shelters for food and other material on the occasions. You can sign up to serve at a community center like a kitchen or a custom drive and do a good deed while having fun. It is a good option if you do not usually get much time serving the community and volunteering. 
  1. Decorate: The decorations available for Halloween are the cutest and the best ones. You can decorate your houses, yards, interiors, and even the whole neighborhood if you want. Decorating brings people closer to each other, and it is a fun and artistic activity. Bring out your inner child and amaze everybody around you.
  1. Summon the souls: Halloween’s creepy and spooky environment calls for the perfect day to try an ouija board or related things. It could be a scary fun activity to do, and you can enjoy it with your friends around. One can not be sure if it works, but there is nothing wrong with improvising. 
  1. Join Halloween costume parades: Halloween has the best parades; people dress up in weird shapes, have funny costumes, wear scary colored eye contacts, match with friends and shout and dance on the streets. It is never a bad idea to join this crowd and go around the city having fun and celebrating. 
  1. Bonfire: By the end of October, the weather gets pretty chill and cozy. After a loud day of Halloween, you can plan a bonfire for the night and invite people over to join. You can arrange food, drinks, and games and give a perfect end to things. 

Halloween is a perfect time of the year; people are comfortable with their weirdness, dressing up and wearing colored eye contacts, drinking, laughing, and just being genuinely happy. Find your suitable activity and have fun celebrating the holiday.

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