Ultimate troubleshooting steps if Netgear WiFi range Extender Not Finding Router

The Netgear extender is a wireless signals booster & signals amplifier tri-band range extender device. It completely extends the network signals & delivers high-speed network connectivity. The Wi-Fi network range of this apparatus is three times faster & speedy than the traditional router. In the long-range area the wireless network signals of the standard router are unstable or weak. User face interrupted Wi-Fi network range in the long-range area. Additionally, with the Netgear WiFi range extender you can completely enhance the network connectivity. The Netgear company extender is ideal because the network connectivity is high & speedy. The router’s user netirely enhances the wireless network connectivity. 

Moreover, the network coverage of the range extender device is extended. The Wi-Fi range reaches up to 2,00 sq. ft coverage area. At the same time, more than 40 devices easily & completely connect to the range extender.  The status indicator LED light is available on the front surface of the extender device. This LED light provides the facility to check the network signals. The internal signals amplifier boosts the Wi-Fi network signals. With WPA/WPA2 wireless security protocol the network is very safe & secure from the malware software. 

Basic issue: Netgear WiFi range Extender not finding the standard router 

Generally, the Netgear wireless extender device is used to extend the standard router network range. You can simply & effortlessly enhance the router’s signals. If you have to extend the network coverage as well as Wi-Fi speed of the standard router then, you have to configure this appliance. Without configuring the router to the Netgear WiFi range extender, the network range does not enhance. But sometimes, the range extender apparatus does not find the router, then the wireless range does not amplify. If the extender device does not find the router then there could be a few reasons which are as follows.

  • Location of standard router is not correct
  • Standard router power does not switch ON
  • Not configure the setting
  • Firmware version corrupt

Not Finding Router? How to fix it!

If the range extender device does not find the wireless router, then you have to test the issue. To solve this issue quickly, you should try to solve these issues manually because by doing it manually the issues get fixed quickly.

Configure setup with web interface

The Netgear range extender device is thoroughly utilized to enhance the network of the router. If your extender device is not finding the router device then it is difficult for you to extend the range. This issue happens when you haven’t set up because if you don’t set up then extender will not be able to find the router. Then, for this you have to perform the setup through the web interface. You have to connect the computer to the Netgear WiFi range extender network. But before stating, ensure the router & range extender power is switched ON. From mywifiext.net you have to redirect the login page. Mention the login details in the provided field & login the range extender. 

You have to visit the web management page, & select the setting. Under the setting, you have to add the standard router to the extender. Because the web interface setting is absolutely correct. Under the WPS button connection, the network broken again & again. After that, the network connectivity of your router completely amplifies it. 

Ensure the wireless router location 

If the extender device is not able to find the router then it could be due to the location as if the location is not correct then the issue is bound to come. If the range extender is not able to find the router, then you have to ensure the standard router location. If the location of the router is at a distance of 2000 sq. feet from the Netgear WiFi range extender device, then it is obvious that this device will not be able to find your existing device. To fix this problem, you have to modify the location of your exciting device.  

In order to make the correct connection, you should place the location of your existing device near the signal amplifier device for better connection.

Verify the power status of the standard router

Sometimes the power status of a standard router is off due to which the extender device is not able to find the router. Then you have to properly examine the standard router power status. Due to faulty power cable the power status is off. You have to utilize the other power cable & put into the power connector as well as power supply. 

Then, press the power button that is here on the wireless router back interface. When the router powers on, the status of the LED light will turn green so that you will know that the power has been turned on. Now, the power status is ON & range extender is able to find the router. 

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