How to Make/design cigarette Packaging Boxes?

So you think Hollywood or the film industry has this smoking-is-bad mentality? Think again. A very long list of films where characters smoke cigarettes and it has become quite popular today. Most of the movies appear in commercials, advertisements, and DVDs. It is also interesting how the actors are not ever shown smoking, but instead, you see them holding a cigarette but have you noticed the funky beautiful packing of that cigarette and such cigarette box become the mark to be a hero. Here I am going to discuss the customize packing for cigarette boxes. So smoke is basically known as the symbol of some hero.

Importance of Cigarette packing

Cigarette packing is an essential part of cigarette manufacturing. It can not only protect cigarettes from damage but also help consumers distinguish their brands at a glance. So it is necessary to design the best cigarette packing, which meets its functional requirement and reflects the image of cigarette brands.

What is the importance of tobacco packaging?

Cigarette packaging boxes play a vital role in protecting cigarettes and improving the marketing effect. When the cigarette package is not intact, its price is much lower than a new one. So cigarette packaging has excellent economic and practical significance.

The good design of cigarette factory must take account of following points

1. Tobacco packaging should be durable, waterproof, airproof, and beautiful

2. Cigarette packs should have a certain degree of strength, be moisture-proof, gas tightness, and colorfastness

3. Cigarette packages should be lightweight to reduce transportation costs

4. Cigarette packaging should be simple and easy to operate

5. Cigarette packaging must meet the specific request of cigarette manufacturers

6. Cigarette packaging should make cigarettes easy to identify and protect them from damage.

7. Cigarette packaging should be cost-effective and reduce the potential risks of cigarette packaging.

What is the effect of cigarette packaging design?

The appearance of cigarette packaging affects its sales volume, market share, and brand value. According to the survey of cigarette manufacturers, an effective design can increase sales by 10%.

How to Design the Best Cigarette Packaging?

We can make cigarette packaging designs based on different materials. For example, the cigarette packaging made of aluminum foil is characterized by lightweight, high barrier performance, and good recyclability. paperboard material is characterized by a significant color printing area, good surface luster, and low manufacturing cost. The cigarette packaging with synthetic leather and PC material is characterized by novel appearance, good gloss and tactile impression, good oil resistance, and chemical resistance.

Design a cigarette packaging product with a good appearance.

First, the shape of cigarette packs should be consistent with current market trends. Cigarette packaging should be highlighted in color, make it more rich and colorful. Second, the design of cigarette packages should give an excellent first impression. The method of cigarette packaging should have a high degree of novel, fresh and interesting. Third, the color in cigarette packaging design must be consistent with the market and increase the level of brand identity.

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