Do these 3 Yoga Asana to tighten loose skin, learn from experts how to do them and other benefits

Looseness in the skin can come due to many reasons. Increasing pollution can cause premature wrinkles on the face. So at the same time, there are also reasons for changes in hormones, increasing age, etc., due to which there can be looseness on the face. Premature wrinkles on the face become a problem for people. If your skin has also become loose, and you want to make the face attractive and skin tight, then you can do the yoga asanas mentioned here. So let’s know about some such rugs.

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1. Virabhadrasana 1 (Warrior asana 1):

Doing Virabhadrasana makes our body shapely and strong. Simultaneously, activating the cells of our body, increases blood circulation in the body. This asana tightens the loose muscles of our body. Virabhadrasana not only loosens the skin but also strengthens the thigh and gives the right effect on the knee. By doing Virabhadrasana, the lower part of the body remains in the right shape.

Method of doing Virabhadrasana:-

  • Stand in a careful position.
  • Stick both the hands on the side.
  • Slowly open your right leg from the front and move the left leg backward.
  • In this, our right foot will be on the straight side and the left paw will also be slightly on the right side.
  • Raise both your hands up and bring them into the salutation posture.
  • While exhaling, bend your straight leg at 90 degrees.
  • The left leg will remain straight from behind.
  • Hold 10 seconds in this posture. If you can do 30 seconds or more, do it according to your ability.
  • Repeat this asana with the other leg. Come back and rest.
  • Caution:
  • People who have problems with Arthritis should not do this asana. Everyone else can do it.

2. Do Virabhadrasana (Warrior asana 2):

By doing this asana, the loose muscles of our body become tight and they get tight. Due to which the loose looking loose skin turns into tight muscles. This asana strengthens our muscles. Due to which the hanging muscles of our thigh attain a proper shape. Simultaneously, Virabhadrasana also brings tightness in our chest. As it has been told in Virabhadrasana that keeping both your hands equal to the shoulder, due to which the pectoral becomes active. Due to which our chest becomes tight. Due to this the loose skin of the face becomes tight.

Method of doing Virabhadrasana two:-

  • Stand in a careful position.
  • Keep both your hands on your waist.
  • Bending your knees slightly, make a gap in both your feet while jumping.
  • Make a comfortable interval (40-45 inch distance) between both the feet.
  • Take your straight toes out to the side. Turn the left paw slightly inwards and bring both your hands equal to the shoulders.
  • Slowly bend the knee of the right leg to the right side and make a 90 degree angle.
  • Hold 10-15 seconds in this posture. Rest as per your capacity.
  • Repeat the same posture with the other leg and come back.

3. Facial exercise:

By doing Kapolshakti Vikas Kriya, our entire face gets a good shape. By doing this action, unwanted fat gets removed. After this, tight muscles remain on our face. In which there is no fat of any kind, due to which our face looks beautiful and attractive. This action cleans the dark area around our lips.

Method of action:-

  • Stand in a careful position.
  • Place both your hands on your thighs.
  • Keeping the waist, neck, knees straight, keep your eyes in one place.
  • Now make a pout with both your lips. Take a long deep breath in through your mouth making a beak.
  • Now close your lips.
  • After inhaling, inflate your cheeks.
  • Bring your chin to your chest. At this time keep in mind that after taking your breath in, it does not come out.
  • Hold for as long as you can, as soon as you feel that you are not able to hold your breath, then slowly straighten your neck, puffing the cheeks and exhaling through the nose.
  • Repeat this action 15-30 times.
  • Both Virabhadrasana one and Virabhadrasana two are effective for tightening loose skin. Apart from this, the development of cupola power is also beneficial.

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