How To Fix USB LED Light Blinking Of D’Link DIR 882 WiFi Router?

The D-link dir 882 WiFi router is a wireless dual-band gigabit high-speed networking router. Ity provides high-speed network connectivity to all the devices. At a time, more than 15 networking devices securely access the network connectivity. This router completely supports dual-band networks. In the dual-band network, the 2.4GHz or 5GHz network is enabled. But nowadays, in the home, the USB printer & network attached storage device is there that works with network connectivity.

To properly use this device, you have to connect this device to the network. Additionally, the dir 882 WiFi router has a USB port, then you can easily & securely connect the USB printer & network-attached storage device to the network. These ports allow the network connection. Beside the LAN port is also built-in that allows to connect the wired device to the network. 

Furthermore, the dir-882 dual-band router delivers high-speed network connectivity through dual-band network. The Wi-Fi speeds of up to 2600 Mbps, 800 Mbps in 2.4GHz & 1733 Mbps in 5GHz. To improve the network connectivity of the dir-882 wireless router, you have to configure the setting. By mentioning dlinkap.local into the web interface, you can easily reach in the setting & then configure all settings. 

Why is the USB LED Light Blinking Of D’link DIR 882 WiFi Router?

The smart LED indicator light is built-in on the front panel of the dir-882 wireless router. With this LED light, you can easily know the status of the router. On the front panel of the d’link router, the power, Wi-Fi, 2.4GHz, 5GHz, USB, internet, WPS, & more LED light is built-in. Sometimes, the USB LED light that is built-in on the front panel is blinking repeatedly. If the USB LED light is blinking repeatedly, that means the USB connection does not configure. Here are some reasons due to USB LED light blinking. 

  • USB connection faulty
  • Faulty USB cable connect to the dir-882 router
  • USB device is place far from the router

Solutions: USB LED Light Blinking Of D’Link DIR 882 WiFi Router

If the USB LED light is the d’link dir-882 WiFi router blinking continuously then your USB printer cannot get the high-speed network connectivity. To get the high-speed network connectivity, you have to verify the issue & try to resolve the issue quickly. If you wish to resolve the USB LED light issue, then you can follow some steps. 

Using other USB cable & establish connection

Many times the cable that you are using is broken, due to which it is not able to connect and the LED light starts blinking. If that LED light is blinking continuously on this router then first of all you should check the cable. If the USB cable that plugs into your USB device and router is broken at any point, you should unplug such a cable quickly. You should replace this broken cable with a new and working USB cable and plug it into the router and USB device. After that, check the smart USB LED light status in your dir-882 wireless router. 

Modify the USB device position

Sometimes, the USB device position far from the dir-882 dual-band gigabit router. If the USB device is far from the network device then the connection does not establish. To resolve the USB LED light issue, you have to test the position of your USB device. If the position of your USB device is actually matched to the WiFi router, then you have to change its position promptly. You should place your USB device very close to the router so that it can connect to Sony and get high-speed network signals. Get rid out of the internet access failed issues.

Clean the USB port

If the USB LED light is repeatedly blinking then you have to check the USB port. Because many times, the USB port is dirty. The dust & particles accumulated on the USB port of the d’link WiFi router. If dust is getting accumulated inside the USB port, then the USB cable will not be plugged in, which will not connect and the LED light will blink. To resolve the issue, you have to use dry cloth, & small brush. You have to clean the USB port of this router in the proper manner. After that, verify the status of the USB LED light. If the LED light blinks, then you have to ensure d’link dir 882 firmware version. 

Restart the dir-882 WiFi router 

To resolve the USB LED light issue in d’link dir-882 wireless router, you have to restart the device. To restart the device, you have to unplug the USB cable into the USB port. Then. you have to smoothly press the power button and switch off the power. After some minutes, you can again switch ON the power with the power button.

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