Ultimate guide: everything you should know about business card

Although everything nowadays is digitized even in the business world either meetings or contracts. Digital gadgets are used to connect with each other in this modern world. But there is something these digital gadgets are unable to replace and that is obviously the business cards. And these business cards are playing their role in marketing for a long time now and are considered to be the most powerful marketing tool. So, it’s really important for any business to have their own customized cards and for that they can avail the business card services fo their own good.

These business tools are necessary for many of the basic professional needs such as branding, advertising, contact information, and etc. These small-sized billboards can have a lasting impact on your customers when designed right. We all know that a business card is a small-sized printed paper that contains information or business details like name, contact detail, brand logo, company name, etc. your business card is an important part of the branding and should work as a visual base.

 In this guide, we will go through everything you need to know about business cards. So, let’s get this started.

8 steps to design your business card

First of all, before even starting to think about anything for your business card whether you are a freelancer or just starting. You need to finalize two important design components of a business card: the finished logo and the color scheme of your brand.

Secondly, you need to know yourself or your brand values before starting your business card design. And that means you need to know about your brand, what do you want your card to portray not just with words but with design as well. In that way, the remaining process of your card design will go smoothly. Once you have all of these things you are good to move further.

Select the shape

If you have already decided to go with the traditional rectangular shape business card you can skip this part. But if you want to explore more options you can take advantage of the advanced printing technique of die-cutting and have your cards in any shape of your desire. And most importantly you can still print them in large amounts. Or if you want to go outside of the box you have options to print your card in the animal mascot or the shape of your product. So, what are you waiting for? You need the business card services for the cause and surprisingly it’s cost-effective.

Select the size

After the shape, the next step is to decide about the size of your card. Which is entirely dependent on the standard of the country. But you want to stand out and don’t want what everyone already has? You still have to go through everything to know what everyone is doing in order to stand out from them. And the most important thing you need to focus on while deciding the shape is the bleed area, the safety line, and the trim line.

All of these factors depend on the size and printer, for the safe side, you should set the trim line at 3mm from the edge. And the safety line at 3mm from the trim line and this is the total of 6mm from the bleed area to the inside of the safety area. 

Add up your logo and graphics

The most important thing is a logo and it should be at the center of your business card. And the other graphics you add can also be useful. Remember that you have two sides and one side is for your logo while the other you can use to add the contact information. This is just one scheme but you can always explore more options to make your card unique.

Select typography and add the necessary text

The main purpose of a business card is you have to put the important information on your card. The information about your company and you such as your name, phone number, email address, your job title, phone number, company name, social media platforms, and company address. Now, if you have decided what you want to put on your card, you can decide how you want it to look. It’s your job to decide the font, color, and size of your text. So, choose wisely! While choosing all of these things keep your brand in your mind and then decide.

Focus on special finishes

Now when you are reaching the final stage and have decided everything, you should select the printer. Some printers offer special finishes and that can be beneficial for you to make a lasting impression on your clients. You should search for the best one and decide if it can go well with the design strategy. If you are confused about your design you should ask professionals for help who provide business card services.

Evaluate everything

After deciding on everything including the special finishes, you should reevaluate everything top to bottom. So that you can see if something you are missing on your design or you want to change anything. In that way, you can create the best business card.

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