Why Offset Shower Enclosures are Becoming the New Popular?

A modern and updated version of the quadrant shower cubicles, offset shower enclosures have gained recent popularity in many UK homes and outside. These enclosures provide a dedicated and ample showering space, regardless of the size of your bathroom.

Offset shower enclosure and tray
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The curved front edge leaves more space for the rest of the bathroom while also establishing an elegant and stylish look. There are many other reasons associated with the popularity of offset shower enclosures, some of which are briefly discussed below.

How Offset Shower Enclosures are Different?

Everyone knows about quadrant enclosures that have a curvy frontage. That makes them a great choice for the bathroom, where space saving is important. However, when a similar shape is important in a bit more spacious range, an offset quadrant shower enclosure and tray will be your choice. In other words, these are the same shape but with extra space making them suitable for medium and large-size bathrooms. That’s why these unique curvy shapes are becoming increasingly common for all types and sizes of spaces. 

Top Reasons to Prefer Offset Shower Enclosures

Whenever you plan for the shower enclosure in your bathroom. The topmost aspects that should be your priority are aesthetics and practicality. The quadrant is the shape that fully complements both. The unique shape attracts everyone to it, making them a center of focus in your bathroom with a contemporary look. The practicality of this shape in providing a spacious bath experience due to structure is also a reason for its popularity. 

  • Soft Appearance

Instead of a sharp outer edge, these enclosures have a curvy sloppy edge, giving an impression of ambience and comfort. Regardless of how it may seem, the rounded corner of quadrant shower enclosures allows them to perfectly go along with many bathrooms.

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Whether you are going for a contemporary and modern look for the bathroom or you have a thing for traditional bathrooms, offset enclosures can be common in all of them. With its excessive quantity in the market, you will certainly get a good deal according to your budget.

  • Generous Showering Area

Shower enclosures generally offer an ambient and comfortable showering experience. But when it comes to offset shower enclosures, the sense of ambiance and space inside the enclosure doubles. Unlike straight shower cubicles, where you might contact the glass panels while showering, offset shower enclosures offer no such probability.

The curved round glass creates more room inside than before. With curved glass on the outer edge of the cubicle, it won’t hinder your movement while you are inside.

  • Correct Use of Bathroom Space

Not Everyone has the luxury of large spacious bathrooms with enough space to install just about any fixture. Sometimes you have to work with congested spaces, and if you are living in the metropolitan cities of the UK, chances are enormous.

One of the main irritative things about bathroom space is the splashing of shower water. No matter how hard you try, the splashing water can make the rest of the bathroom messy, too. Whereas shower enclosures keep the water from spraying around, thus keeping the room tidy.

Being suitable for corners, they leave up plenty of space to install other utilities of the bathroom without one compromising the space of the other.

  • Convenient Entryway Access

The curved edge of the cubicle provides an added accessway for entry into the showering area. This is not the case with standard shower enclosures, which provide a compromised and small entryway. With no perfect corner, the doors of the shower enclosure fits in the middle of the glass panel with wider openings for all kinds of individuals.

  • Choice in Door Options

The last but not the least good thing about offset shower enclosures is their compatibility with a wide variety of doors. Most homeowners prefer sliding doors and hinged doors because of their wider opening for convenient entry. Besides, they are easier to clean and maintain in compassion to other door options.

  • Better Option

 If you are looking for a contemporary bathroom, then Offset Shower Enclosures can be a suitable choice. It is especially the case if you have a curvy theme throughout the bathroom with a round basin, toilet, baths, etc. It will perfectly complement each other to create the coordinated look required for such bathroom spaces. Regardless of the size of your space, it can fit well into it. So, in comparison, it is a better option. It offers more flexibility, practicality, and aesthetics. At the same time, the unit costs remain the same as other enclosures. That’s why in comparison, if you can fit such a shape. Or have a small to large bathroom, then it can be a great option for you. 

Getting High Quality Offset Shower Enclosures

In this article, we have a discussion about Offset Shower Enclosures. These can be great options for all types and sizes of bathrooms. At Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK, we have shower enclosure suites available that combine everything you need for a bathroom makeover. You can visit our website to get benefits from the latest discount offers.

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