Choosing High Waisted Bikini Bottoms

There are many ways to flaunt one’s assets whether it is her slim waist or curvy legs. Bikinis and other skimpy swimsuits have given women the opportunity to show off their bodies in ways they never had the chance before. However, black high-waisted bikini bottoms might be one of the most enticing parts of a woman’s body especially when she wears it over a pair of shorts. A black bikini bottom makes a woman look extremely sexy especially when it is matched with high heels. This is the perfect outfit for an evening out on the town or to just lounge at home watching your favorite television program.

Best Different Styles

There are a few different styles that one can choose from when choosing a pair of black high waisted bikini bottoms. One such style is the tube which looks very similar to the corset but allows the woman to move her hips more hence creating a much better silhouette. The other popular style is the high-waisted variety which has little or no strings as these tend to dig into the bottoms and make one feel uncomfortable all the time As sexy as black high-waisted bikinis are, they are not appropriate for every situation. Before deciding to wear one, it is important to know the pros and cons. Although these types of swimwear can give a woman an instant slimming effect, this is not advisable when one is caught in the elements or in water that is too cold. Also, the fabric of the shorts should be flexible enough to allow for full movement of the hips. Avoid shorts that have strings that hang down and make you feel uncomfortable all the time.

Best Skin Tight Tops

Choosing a top that compliments your black high-waisted bikini bottoms is also important. Depending on the season, wear tops that will not stick to the bottoms and make you look like you are wearing two separate outfits. For summer seasons, skin-tight tops are best. A chemise with spaghetti straps is another option. If you are planning to swim or go to the beach, don’t forget your flip flops or sandals When shopping for your black high-waisted bikini bottom, it’s important to choose something that will stay in place. One way to check if this is the case is by wearing a thong. Although they are not very common, women have managed to slip one over their bottoms without anyone even noticing. The key to successfully slipping one over is by making sure the string doesn’t dig into the flesh near the seam. Also, make sure you pick a string that is stretchy enough to give your bottoms enough support.

Bikinis Made Elastic Material

Other options include bikinis made from an elastic material, such as those found in California. However, these can sometimes be quite uncomfortable because of the material. The other alternative is to purchase a pair of “sexy yoga pants”, which are similar to those yoga wear designed for the buttocks. However, the major drawback to this is that they tend to bunch up at the bottom of your jeans.

Pair of High Waisted Shorts

Another alternative would be to purchase a pair of “high waisted shorts”. These are available in black, grey, red, pink, and many more colors. Although these look quite cute, they are also a little bit impractical. Because they are usually stretchy at the top, they can also cause some discomfort because they can dig in the back. Also, they do not give much in the way of support.


The best way to choose the right style of black high-waisted bikini bottoms for your body type and body style is to try them on and see which one feels the best. Be sure to try them on for comfort as well as for fit. Be sure to try them on at the end of a long day at the beach or at a pool. This will help you determine if you need something more substantial or if the black high-waisted bikini bottoms are just right for you.

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