All these great things you need to know about Rawalpindi

All these great things you need to know about Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi is rich with historical events, those events that engrossed and laid the foundation of Rawalpindi’s stature. It is located in the northern region of Pakistan. This city is also called the twin city of the capital of Pakistan that is Islamabad. If you have decided or are looking for a house for sale in Rawalpindi, this guide can help you with that.

It is one of those cities of Pakistan that play a crucial role in political affairs. A place that you can not gloss over no matter what. This city is also part of the Grand Trunk road, this Grant Turk road is the longest road in the World that connects four countries (Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh). That is why we will share some places and brief info about the history and importance of Rawalpindi. 

Mahmood Ghaznavi’s route via Rawalpindi

Before the arrival of Mahmud Ghaznavi, the Rawalpindi city was in raze. It was in a completely demolished condition. Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi graced this city to the strongest tribe of that time, the Ghakkar tribe. This city had always been a gateway of empires’ entrance to the Subcontinent that kept it halted from any development. Finally, it was reconstructed by the chief of the Ghakkar tribe, Jhanda Khan. In 1493, it was named Rawalpindi because of the village Rawal.

army headquarters

Army Headquarter

Pakistan’s army headquarters is also situated in Rawalpindi. It is one of the reasons this city has an important role in Pakistan’s historical events. Rawalpindi cantonment is one of the largest cantonments in the country. Numerous events took place in this city that have depth in themselves.

Raja Bazaar

It is one of the busiest spots in Pakistan. You will find almost every wholesale vendor in this market. All the colonial buildings and narrow streets of this area recall the British era. If you visit Rawalpindi and skip Raja Bazar, you have missed a big piece of this city.

Sangni fort

It is one of the remnants of the Mughals that was used for defense purposes and then as a prison. This fort is located in the city Gujjar Khan, district Rawalpindi. It is also the shrine of a Sufi saint Hazrat Abdul Hakeem who was an Arab that traveled to the Subcontinent. It is a must-watch place for those who love to explore historical sites.

Jinnah Park

This amusement park was inaugurated in 2006 after the name of Pakistan’s founder Mr. Mohammad Ali Jinnah. In this park, you will find families having a great time with all the amazing rides and facilities. If you are looking for a house for sale in Rawalpindi, you better know about the beauty of this family park.

Poonch House

Poonch house is a 150-Year-old rest house that was built by the ruler of Poonch (Azad Jammu Kashmir), Raja Moti Singh. It has served multiple events in the past. Poonch house was a rest house for the Poonch rulers of that time as well as it had served as a prime minister house of Azad Jammu Kashmir. It is one of the remnants that were dispersed to occupied parts of Kashmir in Pakistan and India.

World-first University, University of ancient Takshila (Now Taxila)

Another surprising fact about Rawalpindi is that it holds a residue of a historical site. It is a souvenir of the World-first University in Takshila, later named Taxila. It came into existence around 2700 years ago. People who are looking for a house for sale in Rawalpindi must visit this site to experience an ancient design.

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