5 Must-Have Gamification Plugins for WordPress to Watch Out in 2022

In today’s world, the world has seamlessly increased the usage of gamification, and it has become a joint venture for many brands. If you are looking to build an LMS, eCommerce sites, social media communities, lead generation, or customer retention sites, then you should incorporate game-based contextualization into your WordPress platform.

Gamification is the latest trend that is used by bloggers to make complicated tasks on a website. It is increasingly popular with WordPress users in their community. It seems to be quite extensive and readily available to incorporate Gamification in WordPress websites simply with the help of different plugins available in the market segment. 

Significantly, gamification can be conceptualized in multiple niche-based sites including personal sites, blogs, eCommerce stores, online eLearning sites, quiz portals, and online social media communities. Hence, multiple ways are used to add gamification to your website. Also, gamification plugins will assist you in several methods to surpass your brand identity to the next level. Initially, you should learn more about the benefits, goals, and objectives of the game-based learning and gamification tactics.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is a technique of implementing game-based elements into a non-gaming context. By rewarding their audience to complete certain tasks, the companies leverage engagement tactics and loyalty metrics to improve conversation and collaboration to educate, entertain, and improve their user patterns. Gamification can be easily used on websites, including blogs, online stores, affiliate marketing, and learning management systems.

Advantages of Gamifications

Below are certain benefits of gamification that are popular among both high-grade organizations and startups ventures.

  • Encourages users to take more actions on your site.
  • Improves traffic on your site.
  • It helps you to get sufficient information about customer behavior.
  • Leverages productivity of users on your site.
  • Ensures that your visitors are transited into valuable consumers on your site.
  • Ensures brand awareness and recognition
  • Sets niche-based categories on your site.
  • Adjust your website in conjunction with the competition.

1)  myCred

myCred is a high-grade, popular, and robust Gamification plugin for your WordPress site. Being a flexible points management system, myCred enables you to create points related to the application of your website. It’s an easy-to-use plugin that supports multiple features and automatically manages points and logs from the users.

Enabling the users to browse easily with a particular log where all the adjustments of the history including addition or deduction of points can be easily recorded. This log seems to be quite helpful to know and understand about the overall wheel statistics, accountability, ranks and many more. myCred also supports popular plugins of WordPress such as WooCommerce, Jetpack, Contact Form 7, etc.

The Hooks provided in the plugin enables you to perform actions based on the new comments, store purchases, and vice versa. You can set up these hooks easily in your admin section, and you can use this plugin for store reward systems, community leaderboards, online banking or content monetization of your website.

2)  BadgeOS

BadgeOS plugin is another popular WordPress gamification plugin that transforms your WordPress site into a badging and achievement system easily with the BadgeOS plugin. This plugin enables users to complete steps, highlight their skills, determine knowledge and gain digital badges.

This plugin comes with a wide range of options that can be easily used to determine the completion of each type of requirement. Being an extensible and powerful plugin, BadgeOS comes equipped with several ultimate features consisting of reviewed submissions, auto-approving submissions, site activities, point thresholds, and more. You can also use this plugin to define an unlimited range of achievement types, design badges, create badges that can be shared across multiple social media channels and vice versa.

3)  myCred Spin Wheel

myCred spin wheel is a gamification addon that offers visitors to fill in their email addresses to spin for prizes. You can simply set up multiple slices on the wheel as per how you want to reward your users.

This addon helps users to improve their website engagement metrics via offering remarkable gamification tactics on your WordPress site that provides free spins and many more. Providing an intuitive way to reward points to your consumers, the spin wheel can appear on any page of your site, and the users can spin a wheel after they have visited your site based on the wheel configurations.

4)  Open Badge Factory

Open Badge Factory is a popular gamification plugin that provides you with versatile ways to transform your WordPress website into an user engagement management solution. This plugin enables you to award online achievements to your users. It also helps you to organise the badges as per your preferences, it has a wide range of relevant essential features.

It helps you to create your own badges as per your choice, this plugin can be quite powerful and has a wide range of out of the box features, tools and software packages. With the use of this plugin, you will be able to post reviews on your WordPress-enabled website, along with the unlimited range of achievement types that can be created with the Open Badge Factory that runs quite well on all the relevant web browsers.

5)  OptinSpin

OptinSpin is a full-fledged fortune wheel for WordPress that assists you to decrease the bounce rate of your website and transits site visitors into the customers via enabling them to test their luck and win prizes and rewards etc.

Furthermore, you can easily customize the wheel in multiple ways that includes colors, segments or slices, text, and theme. OptinSpin asks the visitors to submit their email and assists you to generate leads to populate your email list with a comprehensive collection of emails which you can use for the purpose of marketing of your products and further usage.

Wrapping Up

Certainly, Gamification is a comprehensive element that is used to improve user-engagement via integrating the gamified aspects on your site. If users find your WordPress site engaging and attractive, they will remain on it for a longer period of time. It can increase the traffic and conversion rates for your website, and it can also be an innovative and seamless website design for your products or services and vice versa.

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