What is Key Stage 1 and Importance of KS1 Tuition for Children

Key Stage 1 is one of the four stages in Primary and Secondary education of the UK National Curriculum and includes Years 1 and 2 of school. Children aged 5 to 7 years old take Key Stage 1 lessons. Some of these students also take Key Stage 1 Tuition, especially for Maths, English and Science. Other Key Stage 1 subjects are Geography, Computing, Languages, PE, Art and Design, Music and Design and Technology. 

Although students have already come from the basic reception level and are ready for school; Key Stage 1 performs as the foundation for your child’s education. Therefore, primary school tutoring is essential. As we have been emphasizing that these years are foundation years for your child’s bright future – you have to go the extra miles. Here’s why KS1 tuition is essential for them and for you:

1. To Establish Discipline and Routine

Discipline is essential to learn at a young age to assist in the future. As easy as it sounds but handling young kids is complex, and so is the idea of making them understand routines. Key Stage 1 tuition will help them set goals and targets and follow a strict schedule to help them become disciplined. 

2. Individual Attention

Hiring a tutor for your 5-year-old is crucial as they need extra attention. In Year 1, your child needs help with KS1 Maths or English; they need constant assistance in homework and to prepare them for tests and other projects. Parents, however, are busy in their hectic routines and cannot provide full support, leaving the children with no help. 

Character building and boosting confidence is also a priority at the basic level. Children in KS1 require individual and social attention to build up their confidence. A professional KS1 tutor will help your child boost their confidence by giving them individual attention and addressing all their concerns without any fear of judgement. 

3. Help with Curriculum

Although Years 1 and 2 are the fundamental years in a child’s life, Key Stage 1 National Curriculum is quite extensive. English and Maths are the core subjects in it and cover all the aspects. Understanding these two subjects is essential as it helps with other issues in the curriculum as well. 

The National Curriculum of English covers reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, phonics and spoken languages. KS1 national curriculum also covers the basic mathematical understanding and language, Maths fundamentals and problems and identifies different shapes. Fractions, multiplication, addition, subtraction, division are also a part of the curriculum. 

4. Help with SATs Preparation

SATs are assessments that take place in two stages of a child’s educational period. Key Stage 1 SATs is the first stage in May at the end of Year 2. The Key Stage 1 curriculum comprises English and Maths.

Children need KS1 Maths Tutor to prepare for Maths which is divided into two parts: arithmetic and reasoning. Arithmetic focuses on a child’s ability to perform mental maths and solve sums, while reasoning focuses on solving more prolonged word problems. These skills can only be enhanced when your child is well prepared. 

To prepare for the English curriculum of Key Stage 1 SATs, children need Key Stage 1 Tuition from a professional Key Stage 1 tutor that will help them prepare for reading, spelling, punctuation and grammar assessment.

What methods or resources do the Tuition apply that help your child?

Key Stage 1 tuition helps your child with homework or assignments or help boost their confidence and help them implement their learning plan and achieve higher results. The best tutoring companies have KS1 courses aligned with the National Curriculum. The English and Maths tutor help prepare your child for KS1 SATs. While preparing for the exam, they provide your child with exciting activities, extra resources like past papers, reading tests, reading comprehension, writing tests, worksheets and much more. You can also search key stage 1 tutors harrow for your child

Now that you know how beneficial tuition is for your child in their primary years, it is up to you to identify what type of tuition would be best suitable for them. Will they be more comfortable with private tuition, or one-to-one online tuition or early year groups tuition?

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