What is the Best Make of Electric Bike?

So what is the best make of electric bike? I have seen it a million times in magazines, online, TV, and even on my friends’ bikes. It’s funny to see that most people aren’t sure there is even a best make. So here are a few categories to help you decide.

Sweaty Lycra-Clad Enthusiasts

The first thing to consider when making a choice is what kind of motor you’re looking for. The best bikes are electric, but which one is the purest? Pure Electric bikes are by far the most efficient bikes for the money, but this category is full of defective products that don’t hold up as well in harsh environments. Don’t leave the better road bikes to the sweaty Lycra-clad enthusiasts.

Public Transport Bikes

Then we have the public transport options. The public transport bikes range from the old favorites to newer models that are more modern than some of the better bike models. What makes them more every day is that they usually have a smoother ride than the e-bike models. Public transport has another advantage: you can quickly go from one place to another to visit several places. This is great when you live in a busy city where the local public transport might get crowded.

A third option would be to buy an e-bike kit. Although these bike kits are cheaper than buying a complete electric motor, they don’t have all the excellent features that you’ll find with a fully electric bike. You won’t get a throttle, you will probably find it hard to upgrade to new parts, and you won’t get a decent range. Electric bike kits are the first choice for most buyers, though some people would still prefer buying their electric motor. If you know your budget, you can choose the electric motor option.

Hybrid Bike Models

Next on the list would be the hybrid bike models. These bikes have everything the old retro electric motor models had – fancy electronic assistance, disc brakes, and a wide range of upgradeable parts. What makes them so great is that they aren’t as loud as their predecessors. They are also a bit easier to upgrade. However, they do lack the top-notch performance of their more expensive counterparts. If you are looking for an excellent middle ground, the hybrid electric motor is probably the way to go.

Kick-Start Motor or Pedal Assist

Third on the list would be the e-bikes with a drive train such as a kick-start motor or a pedal assist. This kind of e-bike is comparable to what is found in hybrid cars since it too comes with electric engines and transmissions, but it also has a drive train similar to a motorcycle. If you are looking for the best electric bike, you might find this to be the way to go, as they don’t exceptionally provide as much power as the other options. Still, if you aren’t as concerned about performance as with speed, this might be the way to go.

Higher Speeds

The last category is e-bikes with higher speeds. These bikes are the real fast bikes out there, as they have much more power than the old retro-style electric motors. As with all-electric motor vehicles, you get a lot of speed with less energy, making them ideal for high-speed travel. Unfortunately, they are typically cumbersome, as well, which makes them more challenging to store. Many people opt for these types of bikes because of their ability to run up steep hills without difficulty.

Final Steps:

While it might not seem like it at first, you will realize that you’re looking for the “best electric bike.” When looking for one, keep the above categories in mind. Both e-bikes and regular bikes share similar characteristics, though e-bikes seem to have a slight edge. Once you’ve decided on your desired make and model, take a look at the prices. You might be surprised at how affordable some of these bikes can be ficcv.info!

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