Guide To Make Custom Pillow Boxes for Soap

Recently, the trend of packaging has changed rapidly, and no one wants to use simple or cuboid boxes to pack your soaps. Continuous technological advancements open the doors of creativity and freedom to choose any style you want to use to cover your soap bars. Brands choose the perfect custom pillow boxes to pack your soap bars in durable and long-lasting boxes as per your budget. Let see why pillow shape boxes are their priority for soap packaging. 

Why You Choose Pillow Soap Boxes?

Soap is the most fragile item and directly uses products with our skin. Such soap bars are sensitive and easily damaged in the shipping process. Due to this, such bars need pack in quality and custom pillow boxes that are perfect for enhancing the value of your products in the industry. Here are the points that explain why pillow boxes have become the first choice of soap manufacturers. 

  • Pillow boxes offer an appealing look of soap bars. 
  • Protect your soap bars from dust.
  • Easy to carry in hand due to having side curves.
  • Best for branding and marketing. 
  • Fix according to the side of soap and reduce noise. 

Now it’s to see the tips that every soap manufacturer needs to follow before finalizing the packaging of soap bars. 

Pick Cardstock wisely to Pack Soap Pillow Boxes 

The quality of packaging matters alloy whether you choose the unique style of packaging. So, you must choose durable and thick Cardstock for the soap pillow boxes. Sometimes, brands need to pack large quantities of soap then; they require large size boxes. Due to this, the selection of sturdier Cardstock is perfect for you to pick large pillow boxes wholesale to pack soap. 

However, packaging suppliers offer cardboard, Kraft, corrugated, and rigid to pack your soap. But the best cardstocks for your soap boxes are cardboard and Kraft. Cardboard is a recyclable and cost-effective material that gives a smooth or shiny surface to your box. On the other hand, Kraft soap pillow boxes are completely decomposable, moisture absorbing, and tear-resistance that is good for brand growth. 

Choose the size of Pillow Boxes as Per the Quantity of Soap Bar 

The second step is to choose the size of pillow boxes for your soap as per their quantity. Most of the brands offer 80gm, 70gm, 100gm, and 120gm soap in one bar. So consider the weight of your products and choose the Cardstock and size according to them. Your products never create any extra notice that makes your brand image pathetic for your audiences. 

Insertion of Alluring Design on Pillow Boxes for Soap

The use designs make your pillow soap boxes adorable and spell-binding. In this regard, you need to contact the packaging designer and create a sublime design pattern for your custom printed pillow boxes for soap. For this purpose, you need to use catchy and decent color models by using CMYK or PMS models as per your packaging’s demand. 

However, you can you any kind of printing method to print the design on your soap boxes. For instance, you can go for screen printing, flexographic printing, 3D printing, offset printing, and digital printing. Here is the list of designs from which you can take the main idea. 

  • Floral pattern 
  • Blurring design 
  • Marbling vintage design 
  • Geometrical shapes design 
  • Intricate lines 
  • Holographic design theme 

Design the Text and Information that You Want to Deliver 

Now it’s time to design the text information that you display in front of your target audience. The use of printing information communicates awareness about the products, brand name, and side effects for customers’ safety. Most people have allergies to alcohol and any other flavor like lemon, so flavor-printed information protects you from damage.  Here are some attention-seeking points that you must need to mention on your printed pillow boxes

  • Brand name 
  • Logo 
  • Security Measures 
  • QR scan Code
  • MFG and Expiry 

Choose the Add-on for You Pillow Packaging’s as Per Your Budget

Add-on fills the life in your product’s packaging, so make your pillow soap boxes more engaging and loving by using them. If you like the velvety look of boxes, then you can use matte coating for your soap packaging. On the other hand, if you like foil stamping with metallic tones, then you can use these options for your printed pillow boxes wholesale that easily fit in your budget. 

  • Foil Stamping 
  • Embossing 
  • Debossing 
  • Spot UV Pattern 
  • Matte and Waxy Coatings
  • Window cutouts  

Finalize the Mockup and Sample before Bulk Printing of Boxes 

After finalizing the design steps of your pillow soap boxes, you need to check your mockup and samples before bulk printing. This checking protects your pillow boxes wholesale for soap from errors and mistakes. And, you can easily make any changes for further printing requirements if you need these options. 

The Crux of The Discussion

The gist of the above article is to provide awareness about all the steps that help you to generate durable and perfect custom pillow boxes.  So, you need to choose the best Cardstock, size, design, information, foiling, and additional add-on for pillow packaging boxes. Add to this; you need to check the final mockup and sample of your pillow soap boxes to remove the error and ensure the faultless printing of wholesale soap boxes. I hope you can easily grow your business by using these tactics to make superlative pillow soap boxes. 

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