10 Best Souvenirs to bring back home from Switzerland

Switzerland is on every tourist’s bucket list and a must-visit. It has Alpine scenery, mesmerizing landscapes, and rich history. You can’t let your tour of Switzerland be a waste without purchasing some amazing souvenirs for you and your loved ones.

So, interested in what to buy in Switzerland, scroll down for some amazing souvenirs to bring back from Switzerland.

1. Swiss Army Knife

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If not chocolates then how about amazing Swiss army knives? The red colour of the knife with the versatility of the tool makes it a good pocket-friendly souvenir. It is one of the top-selling items in Switzerland since the 1800s. It can be a perfect remembrance of Switzerland to bring back home from your Switzerland tour packages.

2. Swiss Chocolates

Who doesn’t love Swiss chocolate and doesn’t want to bring them back home for their family and friends? Switzerland chocolates come in all types of shapes, colours, and flavours. Basically, there is the right chocolate for everyone in Switzerland. Adding more fun to it, you can make your own chocolates in Switzerland at Funky Chocolate Club in Interlaken and learn all about Swiss Chocolates. Can’t wait to have it already!

3. Cheese Fondue  

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Cheese fondue is a traditional dish of Switzerland which comes from the Alps region. Switzerland cheese is made from unpasteurized milk which has more flavour than regular milk. Having cheese fondue from the place of its origin tastes a bit more and also when served in the traditional cheese fondue set of Switzerland it tastes ravishing and looks amazing. Emmentaler, Gruyère, Appenzeller, are some famous cheeses in Switzerland that are used in cheese fondue. You must bring it for your loved ones. You should also try to have a cheese factory tour to know how this whole process works! (So Cheesy!!)

4. Traditional Swiss wooden toys

These beautiful hand-crafted wooden toys are extremely popular not only among children but for grownups too. These toys come in various sizes, shapes, colours, and figures for example – cows, planes, humans, etc. These toys are mostly made of beech, birch, maple, and lime trees in Switzerland.

5. Cowbells

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The first question which pops up is, why are cows so important in Switzerland that people buy cowbells as a souvenir? It is because of their milk. Yes! This milk is also used in chocolates and cheese giving them an amazing creamy taste. Also, these cowbells are so beautiful and traditional which is a reminder of Switzerland. These cowbells are made of pressed sheet metal called Trychel which creates a more distant clank and is way more comfortable for animals. These cowbells are available everywhere in Switzerland and are a perfect reminder of Switzerland.

6. Cuckoo Clocks

Another traditional souvenir of Switzerland is none other than cuckoo clocks. These clocks truly originated in Germany, but Swiss cuckoo clocks have their own unique charms. It has its own style, delightful music, colourful and hourly singing of the cuckoo bird which makes it a perfect souvenir.

7. Swiss Watches

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After finding there is so much to eat in Switzerland, it is very famous for its unique watches too. Swiss-made watches are so elegant and prestigious which can be a perfect souvenir from the trip. People willingly spend on it, for its quality material, amazing craftsmanship, design, and luxurious look. You can try watches of brands Swatch and Wenger at some affordable prices with unquestionable quality.

8. Music box

The classic music box of Switzerland has not changed since day one and has its own royalty. These traditional Swiss music boxes come in various sizes, colours, designs. And the most common music play in these music boxes is “Edelweiss” and the “Happy Wanderer.”

9. Kambly Biscuits

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Many people would not pay attention to these biscuits but truly these biscuits are amazing in taste. These are easily available at any grocery store and to get some intense experience of how Kambly biscuits are made, you can also visit the Kambly factory in Emmental. It will be a perfect taste of Switzerland for your loved ones.

10. Traditional dress (for girls)

An adorable dress with very famous Swiss footwear called Tiger Finkli will surely be a good reminder of Switzerland. Heidi’s dress has a short-sleeved white blouse, embroidered red smock, and a matching red bag. Also, A footwear worn by every girl in Switzerland when they were kids is called Tiger Finkli. It is a slipper with a bold feline print and bright red pompoms. You can purchase this for your special little girl and surely it will be loved a lot.

Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries to travel to but yet some confectionary things like chocolate and biscuits are quite affordable or even you could go street shopping in Zurich or Geneva. This is a never-ending list but these are the top ten souvenirs you must take back home.  

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