From October 1, 2021, food businesses must include the FSSAI number on their bills: FSSAI

All eating houses and cafés should obligatorily incorporate the FSSAI License number on cash receipts from Oct 1, 2021. FSSAI took this choice taking into account burdens experienced by the client while dwelling grumblings against the culpable FBOs. It is unnecessary to make reference to the FBOs which means to break such a prerequisite might confront extreme legitimate repercussions. Further, this choice will probably assist both FBOs and clients address the question in regards to administrations with greater lucidity and speediness. In this article, we will investigate the motivations behind why foscos is ordering food organizations, for example, cafés or other eating houses to include foscos numbers bills created against the administrations profited by the customers. In this blog, Food Businesses should add FSSAI numbers on bills from Oct 1, 2021. 

An Overview on FSSAI License Number 

An FSSAI permit number alludes to a 14 digit number that is presented to an authorized Food Business Operator (FBOs). It establishes five segments, every single one of them delivering diverse data about the FBOs. Organizations working in the food area are ordered to join this number on the food bundles alongside the foscos logo. 

  • Area 1-The principal digit suggests the lawful status-if the FBO is enrolled. 
  • Segment 2-The second and third digit means the state code, which infers the state where FBO is enrolled. 
  • Segment 3-the fourth and fifth digit demonstrates the year wherein the FBO is enrolled. 
  • Area 4-The sixth, seventh, and eighth digit indicates the amount of selecting an ace. 
  • Area 5-ninth to fourteenth shows the Makers permit number. 

A view on the FSSAI notice commanding the expansion of FSSAI number on bills 

On June 8, 2021, FSSAI carried out the notice that coordinated all FBOs to encase foscos enlistment numbers compelling from Oct 1 on cash receipts, charges, cash reminders, and solicitations. The notice further commands the announcement of the foscos permit number for a situation where the substance issues two exchange records, for example, challan and receipt. Notwithstanding, the framework created government reports and GST e-way charges are kept external to the ambit of this warning. 

Possible Implications of this Notification 

  • The 14-digit FSSAI enlistment number of an FBO isn’t effectively open to the end-client or the help beneficiary in India’s vast food business scene. On the off chance that FSSAI permit no. isn’t available to the end-client, then, at that point, if there should arise an occurrence of any question, he/she can’t stop a protest about something similar easily. 
  • Genuinely, the authority additionally thinks that it is unwieldy to pinpoint the specific beginning of the grievance and address it quickly. Additionally, no data set can be set up without a trace of a remarkable finder code, which is the FSSAI enlistment number on account of sanitation. Thus, taking into account these elements, FSSAI has rolled out these fundamental improvements which could end up being of incredible assistance for end-clients. As of now, the foscos enlistment number is compulsorily added on bundled food names, however the issue lies on account of the foundation like retail locations, cafés, caters, sweet shops, and so on 
  • Presently it is necessary for all FBOs to encase the 14-digit foscos License number on the money reminder, charge, buy receipt, cash receipts, and so forth As referenced before, FSSAI has not considered GST E-way charges and other framework created government-based reports in this specific circumstance. 
  • Moreover,foscos has guaranteed that consistent undertaking would be made to shred off unessential compliances. This would allow FBOs to keep consistency costs as low as could really be expected. 
  • The arrangement conceives exploiting the overarching business exchange practice and the sculpture standards present in the tax collection law. Accordingly, it tries to monitor consistency costs and further developed information exposure and spread. 

How might this choice turn out for end clients? 

  • Record a complaint online against the supposed FBOs utilizing the FSSAI enlistment if there should be an occurrence of a question. 
  • Clients can likewise reach out to a specific FBO, which is publically open at FSSAI entrances. 
  • The end-client can go to the foscos entryway and utilize the 14 digit foscos number to get insight about any FBOs. 
  • Adding the FSSAI number on receipts, cash reminders, and bills will help in working on general mindfulness. 


FSSAI conceives reinforcing the complaint redressal component by ordering eating houses to add FSSAI numbers on charges, cash updates, and other important receipts. foscos choice to add FSSAI Registration number on charges accompanies two-crease benefits. One, it will help end-clients to speedy document the complaint against the culpable FBO, and second, it would let the specialist co-ops subvert the difficulty of distinguishing the wellspring of the issue and quickly accommodate the matter.

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